In the great history of Invention and Pioneering spirit - few doubt the abilities of the Wright Brothers.

Jon and Mike Teets are two brothers who follow in this Great Spirit. In 1994 Jon and Mike Teets first produced what is now known with the identifier title - "Microturbine".

The Microturbine title is associated with a gas turbine engine that can produce up to 500 Kw, does not have a reduction drive assembly and incorporates / drives a non-synchronous generator (rotor having permanent magnets retained by sleeve) at the same speed as the power rotor spool.

Today Jon and Mike bring over 35 years experience in engineering, design, manufacturing, project planning and start-up business to create solutions for today’s modern business.

Their expertise spans engineering & management both in aerospace and commercial applications.

Skills include all aspects of engineering from design, analysis and test of product from concept through production, including development of business plans to attain capital and negotiate Entrepreneur projects.

Vision and Mission Statement

TMA Power, LLC has developed a small, mobile, high power density stand-by electrical power generator and is developing an electrical power generating power-plant to supply low cost, high quality electrical power to customers such as communities, industry and businesses, as a "stand alone" unit. The high efficiency electrical output power-plant design has mutifuel capabilty, high endurance and low emissions.