Date: 10/31/07  TMA Power, LLC
                   TMA 70 SC  Specification 
         (without enclosure)
      PO Box 2412 Hobe Sound, FL 33475
Engine Features
           Engine Cooling System  
o  73 Kw @ engine alternator terminal lugs            o  Engine Bearings Oil Cooled
   ( 59 F sea level standard day -ISO rated)            o  Alternator (assembly) Oil Cooled
o  Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Engine           Operating Requirements (ISO rated)
o  11:1 pres.ratio at max rotor spd & power            o  Intake Air Flow (lbs/sec) 1.22
o  Two Rotating Parts            o  Exhaust Gas Flow (lbs/sec) 1.18
o  High Speed Alternator Rotor - Four Pole            o  Max. Exhaust Temp. ( F ) 1050
   (rare earth samarium magnets)            o  Heat Rate BTU/Kw-Hr      16900
o  Alternator Stator Winding            Fuel System  
    480 V A/C, 3 Phase WYE configuration             o  Self Contained     
o  Design Life 40,000 hr (land base)               o  JP-8, JetA, Diesel, Gasoline, Bio, Alcohol
o  Starts 10,000              o  Filter 30 micron inlet side of fuel pump  
o  3 Micron Oil Filter (internal, no change)             o  Filter change on condition  
o  No Vibration             o  Fuel pump (150 psig) included for liquid fuel
o  NOx less than 1gm/Kw-Hr             o  Can run gaseous fuels (customer driven)
o  Acoustic Treatment customer driven            Electrical Output Efficiency (60 Hz)
o  Variable speed gas turbine rotor(s)              o Diesel Fuel  (LHV 18400 BTU/lbm)
    (maximum speed at max power) Power  Fuel Flow Electrical  
o  Engine repair, modular exchange  Percent gph ( lph ) Efficiency(est)  
o  No hot section start / stop / restart 100% 9.7 (36.7) 20  
    requirements 75% 8.2 (31.0) 18  
Engine Start System 50% 6.2 (23.5) 16  
o  Self Contained Air Start Sytem 25% 3.5 (13.5) 14  
   (auto-engine recharge)          Idle 1.2 (4.5)  N/A  
o 24 VDC power for ignition, operation of valves             Power Electronics  
   and control system self generated            o  Liquid Cooled  or Air  
o Battery not required            o  Weight  110 lbs  
Engine Oil System            o  Size: 21 inch W X 15nch H X 24inch L
o  Mil-L-23699 (Mobil SHC 824 preferred)  (liquid cooled 50% ethylene glycol /  water)
o  Self Contained (no external fittings)            o  Frequency 50 or 60Hz  
o  Oil Capacity 2.5 Gal            o  Output 71 Kw ( .8 PF) @ 60Hz  
o  Oil Change 20,000hrs            o  Operating Range -15 to 185 F  
o  Oil Pump attached to housing            o  480 VAC @ 60 Hz, +/- 5% Volts (3 phase)
             o  Max current / phase 110 amps  
Engine            o  Steady State Freq. @ 60 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz 
o  Size: 20 inch W X 18 inch H X 24 inch L            o  Can setup for 50Hz  
o  Weight: 100 lbs            o  Can accept 100% load following and off load
Attitude             Emissions  
o  Normal horizontal level position             o NOx & CO <30ppm (engine test,to date
o  +/-30 deg. displacement of fore & aft axis                using diesel, gasoline and or Jet A)
o  +/-30 deg. inclination to either side             o No visible soot  
o  Any combination of above                o Combustor,  Rich burn-Quick quench-Lean  
          burn (RQL) -assure no lean flame instability