Engineering Services

Consider TMA Power as your one-stop shop for all your power needs.

Their experience in engineering, manufacturing, project planning and start-up business is over 35 years.

Recognized as industry leaders, Jon and Mike Teets invented the microturbine under Universal Turbine Energy Systems (UTES) in 1994. Over the many years they have worked together on three independent gas turbine engines and now they bring that experience to help you and your organization find solutions.

(design, analysis & test)



  • Compressor Impeller Stage

  • Radial Turbine Stage

  • RQL Combustor (Rich burn, Quick quench, Lean burn)

  • Fuel System(liquid & gaseous)

  • Oil Lub. & Cooling System

  • Oil Pump Assembly(gerotor)

  • High Speed PM Alternator

  • Turbomachinery Engine

  • Rotor Dynamics

  • Oil Squeeze Film Damping

  • Reduction Drive (spur gear)

  • Product Concept Layout

  • FAA , APU Certification

  • Gas Turbine Engine Test

  • Cycle Analysis

  • Vibration Spectral Analysis

  • Inertia weld

  • Medical devices

  • Rotor Balance

  • Air Flow Measurement

  • Product Manufacturing

  • Patent Creator / Process
    GE90 Gas Turbine Engine Fan Leading Edge Hot Form Process and Tool design

  • Tool Design and Process
    Medical Device(s) Patent and Process

  • EDM Process tooling, manufacture integral blades from solid disk to produce compressor impeller and radial turbine wheel (1 rotor assy)

  • Design and engineered CNC milling attachment,constant speed 45krpm off-set jig-grinder

  • Iso-Static hot forming Titanium Tool design

  • Super plastic forming Titanium Tool design

  • Urethane Hydraulic forming of sheet metal tool design

  • Casting Technology

  • APU production line for military helicopters Overhaul / Repair processes for small gas turbine engines

  • CNC Milling attachment to allow machining inside a horizontal cavity up to 18" in length and small as 6 inch dia.

  • Entrepreneur & Business Start-up

  • Proj. Planning / Program Man.

  • Business Plan

  • Microturbine Inventor

  • Accounting & Cost management

  • Contract Flowdown

  • Proposals

  • Generate IP for products (prototype or production)

In addition to engineering associated with and applied to produce turbo-machinery, TMA Power brings to the table IP protection with other proprietary processes and a host of manufacturing and tooling expertise.

Also, unique within the company, is the ability to take a patent and create a prototype ready for production. We can help you with your various disciplines in engineering, manufacturing, testing, and facility set-up.